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Drafted in the Army in May 1963 had to report to the draft board on Whitehall Street and sent to Fort Dix for basic training and AIT. After the 16 weeks of training, he was shipped to Baumholder,  Germany for 15 months.

He was stationed at Camp Smith, 8th Division, 1st Battalion 87th Infantry heavy weapons platoon. He was a gunner on the 81mm Mortar & the 106 recoilless rifle when he  received orders to return to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn to be discharged on April 1965.

Currently, he serves as the Commander of the American Legion –  Hawthorne Post 112, and Chairman of the New York State Medal of Honor Committee in Thornwood, NY.

We commissioned a monument to be built and had the names of all New York Medal of Honor recipients placed on it. The medals of honor are on display in Mount Pleasant Townhall in Valhalla, NY.

I requested a bill to be submitted to the State Legislators in Albany making July 25th New York State Medal of Honor Day.


Joseph A. Gullotta was inducted into the U. S. Army and sent to Fort Jackson for basic training.  Upon completing training, he was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division and sent to Germany, serving in the 20th Field Artillery, Battery ‘A’ located in Hanau, Germany.  In the 155 Howitzer Unit, we served as troops of occupation.  Although this was during the Korean War, the cold war in Europe was still ongoing and wasn’t officially over.  The country was split into East and West Germany and U.S., French, British and Russian Sectors. The Russian Sector was East Germany.

As part of his duties, Joseph was assigned as the Commander’s driver and radio man.  He was also assigned as supply clerk and was in charge of the mail room where his responsibilities were to sort, distribute the mail and maintain the Unit’s T I & E Board.

After his tour of duty in Germany was up, he departed from Bremerhaven to ship home and was discharged.

During Joseph’s tour of duty he received the Army Overseas Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, WWII Occupation Medal, National Defense Medal, Cold War Victory Medal, U.S. Army Commemorative Medal, Korean War Citation 50th Year Korean War.

As an Army veteran, Joseph joined the American Legion Post 112 .  He continues his membership in  the Hawthorne Post serving as Vice Commander.